Power Quadrant Analysis

The plugin author chose a shareware distribution model. Some features may be limited until payment. For more information, visit the author of the plugin. Critical analysis of power - one of the most important tools for training on the basis that it provides, see the screenshot below: power may occasionally provide Differentperiods Sprint intervals with high performance (CP0. 2) (CP180) intervals distance pedal. Calculates the Cansustain power indefinitely (critical force), power quadrant analysis one of the Majorindicators for your aerobic. Chart of distribution (histograms) - see the screenshot below: graphics, an idea of what pulse Youdetailed to give strength, speed, Exercisedfor what point during a task. Additional graphics: plugin provides derived tables that provide valuable information: scale of torque - speed (increase of e. i. at the time) - and the force on the pedal. Lactate: If you enjoy professional or semi-professional and hearing of lactate Measurementsduring or your coach these data in the tab type of TheLactate. Graphics card with Laktat can therefore - and e. g. in heart, indicating if it is subjected to a test. This plugin integrates perfectly with our activity reports and plugin documentation. All graphics provided by this plugin can be part of a mission of documentation. His coach with a few mouse clicks, you can send a complex analysis of his training. Finally, and above all, it must be a little philosophical: this plugin is a tool, a tool at the service of teaching methods. And as with all tools, you need to know what is intended and how to use it. A tool can be better in person that it works. This means that you and your coach with underlying training methods should be familiar. There are several books of good reputation on the market that can help you. If you do not know where to start, open a discussion in the governing body of the plugin in the forums. A few photos more photos: .